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#299 November – December 2014

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In this issue:

He Jing hosts a roundtable with Li Shurui,Wang Guangle and Xie Molin about physicality and control in their painting process.

"I think that all three of us lean toward 'painting,' because as the physical experience accumulates, something akin to faith begins to emerge within the overall process. I would define this chemical reaction as the watershed that divides 'painting' from 'producing an image.'"

Li Shurui

Time Machine

A Salon History of Appropriation: Leo Castelli and Sturtevant in conversation with Dan Cameron.

(FromFlash Art International, no. 143, November – December 1988)

Neïl Beloufa talks with Maurizio Cattelan about participation and resistance in his artistic practice.

"I like visible failures, lack of efficiency and a sense of messiness in my pieces. It’s a way of reacting to a world in which everything is turned into a productive industry, and you only feel you exist if you’re growing."

— Neïl Beloufa

Steph Kretowicz explores the sight-versus-sound music and images of Arca.

"Like the transformative nature of a convex lens, the image — or in this case, the sound — that it produces depends on how you angle the glass; where it is, where your eye is and how much distance there is between the two. Arca applies this approach to his work liberally."

— Steph Kretowicz

Tobias Madison discusses the insistence on intimacy in the performances of Anne Imhof.

"In her performances Imhof invokes the liquid hell in which we all find ourselves. She invokes the subject whose core action is to calculate the sum of his or her transactions and to measure them in relation to all other subjects."

Tobias Madison


Five questions on the future of auction houses to specialists from Artcurial, Bonhams, Christie’s, Paddle8, Phillips, Sotheby’s and Villa Grisebach.

Also in this issue:

Spotlight: “Pictures, Before and After: A Symposium and Exhibition for Douglas Crimp” / Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art and Galerie Buchholz, Berlin by Andreas Schlaegel

Art Biz

Lisa Spellman / 303 Gallery, New York by Donatien Grau


The Haas Brothers by Daniele Balice

Brand New
Bunny Rogers by Harry Burke

Cory Arcangel at Team Gallery / New York; Ilja Karilampi at The Suzanne Geiss Company / New York; Julia Wachtelat Transformer Station / Cleveland; Chuck Nanneyat Jenny’s / Los Angeles; Dashiell Manleyat Redling Fine Art / Los Angeles; Renaud Jerezat Lodos / Mexico City; "Heathers" at Rowing Projects / London; Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Bergat Lisson Gallery / London; "Allegory of the Cave Painting"at Extra City / Antwerp; Guan Xiaoat Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler / Berlin; Marc Camille Chaimowicz at Galerie Neu / Berlin; Vittorio Brodmannat Galerie Gregor Staiger / Zurich; Jonathan Binet at Gaudel de Stampa / Paris; "Anthropocène Monument" at Les Abattoirs / Toulouse; Karthik Pandianat Federica Schiavo Gallery / Rome; Mona Marzoukat Gypsum Gallery / Cairo;Hema Upadhyayat Chemould Prescott Road / Mumbai; Zhou Taoat Pavilion by Vitamin Creative Space / Beijing